September 9, 2013
Volunteer To Do List



  • UI to Daniel’s Class Emily

  • A few locations (Bucer’s, Café Artista, Howard Hughes, Keeney Bro’s, Musician’s Friend, Atom Heart Music, Storm Cellar, Comic Book shop, Co-op break room, Paradise Ridge CD’s) also to on duty employees @ whatever: Rosaurs, Coffee Stands, McD’s, Winco, students in the fishbowl, etc.


  • Bronson (zippo) Fuel, one bottle
  • Trophy cup (two handled metal cup / bowl thingy)
  • 1x / 2x cartons of cigarettes: Lucky strike Unfiltered, and Lucky strike Filtered
  • Few pieces of chalk
  • 2x pairs of wrist wraps @ BIG Five
  • Black German straight edge, strop, and brush @ Russ’ Antiques
  • Some kind of bell for the ring
  • Ink for stamping hands (?)
  • Plastic cups (contact me for #’s)


  • 35x-40x wine glasses Luke
  • Glass pitchers (for water) Luke
  • 3x clean garbage cans big enough for kegs & tons of ICE
  • Wingback chair or nice chair for Alan Rose (London fly weight) & sturdy little side table for drink(s)
  • Borrow 3x extension cords
  • Borrow 3x lamps
  • $50 petty cash & cash box
  • Some sort of identifier for security (quantity: 6x): necklace tags, pink bowties or ties, or SOMETHING
  • Theater ropes

Signage, posters, etc.

  • Print up THANK YOU poster (I’ll provide you the email text)
  • Print out a dozen program (I’ll email you the text)
  • Sign for Alan Rose, London Fly Weight 1950 (confirm details with me before)
  • Print legal disclaimer: 12x for fighters (one version) (contact me for files)
  • 200x for attendees (other version)
  • Name Boards for the fighters:
  • Tiny House
  • Mad Eye the Gypsy
  • Bleach Bro Mean
  • Bleach Bro Skinny
  • Lover Boy
  • The Proprietor
  • Beef Lips
  • Trolly Car
  • Ragin’ Cajun
  • Paddy Cakes (confirm J. Schooland’s name with me)


Misc. Tasks:

  • Wrap presents for fighters
  • Pick up dimmer etc. from Joe Harby


July 8, 2011

July 8, 2011

Bali Bali Bali Bali

May 26, 2011

11th Grade sings me songs about death at the hospital, and then totally ruins the song, and hides in the bathroom when the nurse comes (Max visitors: 3 people; my visitors 13…)

May 8, 2011
Elhana, thank you for the story of the lost B&W film

Elhana, thank you for the story of the lost B&W film

May 7, 2011

Let’s not forget our COBRA dinner in Yogya.  I’d like to think that the snake I ate had a name.  I just tried the “old fashioned name generator” and I had to enter current name [Cobra] & gender [boy?]…  And out came: “Lawrence Trenowyth”.  So, we ate Lawrence and Lawrence was disgusting.      

May 7, 2011

Wisata Sekolah ke Yogyakarta:  School Field Trip to Yogya…and Mount Merapi, the world’s most active volcano.

May 7, 2011

The Easter discussion table in Pangandaran, which lead to the Easter Sunrise, which lead to the Easter post. 

May 7, 2011

                                                                                                                                                                                         Pangandaran, April XXIV, ‘11

Ideas on EASTER one week After                                

"Take away Christmas, you lose a few verses from the beginning of the Gospels.  Take away Easter and you lose the entire New Testament."  -N.T. Wright.  There is creation: the birthday of the world.  There is re-creation: the ‘rebirthday’ of the world.  As Christians, if there is one day to celebrate—one day that the other days hang on, one day that stands out, this is that one day.  It’s not a joke to say it’s the biggest day in history, since history.  This is the reason angels made announcements, babies jumped in the womb, the mute spoke, men sang in prison:  good news—new news.

What do we usually do?  Take a nap after a special service?  What do I do?  “When is East?  Oh, next week?”  We don’t need to ask that question (as Americans) about Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween.  For other holidays we usually know the countdown, whereas Easter seems to be an after-thought, or a marginal celebration, something or other in between…  (Which is not even celebrated with Christian stories or symbols: chocolate bunnies?)  The import of Christmas is entirely subordinate to the good news of the accomplishment of the resurrection.  If not for that, then Christmas is the great might have been.

"Champagne, trumpets, parades…" -N. T. Wright, again.  Asher and I have talked about new ways of DISCIPLINING ourselves to prepare, to anticipate, to celebrate, and to appreciate Easter—to realize it in liturgy, in community, in celebration, in action and in the symbols of the power and freedom meant for us, which all flow downstream to us from that day.  We discussed:

  1. LENT, of course.
  2. Selecting a large piece of MUSIC to work on for the entire year to perform on Easter.
  3. Putting away some small % of MONEY through the entire year for both service (see #5, etc.) and celebration (#11).
  4. Personal or communal RENOVATION projects: renovation? refurbishing? remodeling? refinishing?  It could be cars, property, musical instruments, bicycles, antique furniture, leather shoes, old guns…  All to be made use of in some way during the celebration.
  5. Social projects:  can we GIVE someone a new future by paying for someone’s education?  paying off someone’s debts? taking a kid out of an orphanage? paying for a surgery?
  6. PLANT trees that will produce or bloom over Easter?  What species?
  7. Build a new WELL in a village?
  8. Make our own WINE for the celebration?
  9. CREATIVE PROJECTS like music, mosaics, carvings—all resonating with these themes of return from exile, and liberation?
  10.  Cleaning projects for parts of the city—recycling or picking up GARBAGE?
  11. CELEBRATION considerations like: coordinated FIREWORKS from strategic places around the city, while a PARADES CONVERGE at the city center with a A DRUM CORE making noise at SUNRISE, while releasing BIRDS, and finishing off with a LAMB feast after around the TREE that blooms on Easter?  And popping some of the homemade bubbly? Everyone except the naysayers are invited?   

But the point is first to share this idea—rather, to share the inspiration at the root of the idea, then to group around it, then to start planning among whoever is “in”.  Then it begins.

April 9, 2011

Misc. Bangkok shots

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